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    High Definition / Подростки / Азиатки: - Pancake [HD 720p], - Ant - Pattaya, 19 years old [HD 720p]

    3 декабря 2012 - Pancake [HD 720p], - Ant - Pattaya, 19 years old [HD 720p] members have been emailing me for years asking where they can find some of the super stars that have appeared on the site. With each reply, I've happily given as much information for each model. However, I also have my own fuck-it-list, and they're not just GoGo dancers and bar girls. Being in the business, I stare upon and fantasize about other Internet models with their own established sites. Well my luck prevailed when I stumbled upon 22 year old Pancake, who is the official model of That's right, with a lil Asian-Persuasion and some extra cheeky-cheeky I was able to convince Miss Pancake to stop by the CreampieThais studio for a special creampie update. Pancake is 50% Thai and 50% English. She was born in Thailand, but moved to England at age 7, then returning at age 19. She speaks fluent Thai and English with a perfect accent. Half-Halves are considered genetic royalty and many become models or TV super stars. Pancake decided to take her talents to the Thai porn world by creating her own site with all kinds of hard-core content. Check her site out if you want to see how she performs, or join now to watch me dump my syrup deep into Pancake!
    Format : Windows Media
    File size : 363 MiB
    Duration : 16mn 41s
    Overall bit rate : 3 038 Kbps
    Video : 1280x720 - Pancake [HD 720p], - Ant - Pattaya, 19 years old [HD 720p]

    Download video - Pancake [HD 720p], - Ant - Pattaya, 19 years old [HD 720p]
    On an afternoon stroll down Walking Street, I spotted 19 year old Ant walking with her Aunt. They had just arrived in Pattaya and was eager to hit the famed nightlife venues in search for their bus fare and next day rental payment. Ant didn't speak any English, so I had to speak with her Aunt. I was informed that her niece was available for my pleasure for a whopping 1000 baht (that's approximately $29.99 US) and at that price, I couldn't pass it up. Needless to say, I gave Ant's teen pussy it's first fill of foreign cock in a nearby hotel. The next day I invited Ant to my room to make a video with me. Her sore but eager pussy was up for the challenge and within an hour, the Thai teen body I had already bred was back for another round of fucking. With her pigtails intact, Ant wiggled out of her school girl outfit down to her naked petite frame. This gorgeous 90lb girl dropped to her knees and once again tasted my white cock. Having already fucked Ant, it took me some extra positions to finally feel the orgasm build in my balls as I finally blew my second load deep into Ant's fertile womb
    Format : Windows Media
    File size : 390 MiB
    Duration : 24mn 53s
    Overall bit rate : 2 189 Kbps
    Video : 1280x720 - Pancake [HD 720p], - Ant - Pattaya, 19 years old [HD 720p]

    Download video

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