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    High Definition / Подростки / Абстракт / Анал: - Danica Dillon [HD 720p], - Jada Belle [HD 720p]

    21 июля 2013 - Danica Dillon [HD 720p], - Jada Belle [HD 720p]
    Danica Dillon is back again. What the fuck is up with this chick? It's like she hangs around the studio waiting for some whore to cancel so she can squeeze herself in. Oh well... at least she's good looking. Anyway, we're as tired as seeing her as you probably are, but don't worry... we made this scene worth it. How so? For some reason, tonight, Danica Dillon turned into the biggest fucking cry baby I've ever seen. The waterworks were never ending. Crying during the face fucking, crying during the ass fucking... even crying as Bootleg dumped his disgusting load all over her face. Then, we called our boss, Duke Skywalker, on speaker phone so he could lay into her from the comfort of his home. It's probably safe to say we won't be seeing her anytime in the near future.
    Format : Windows Media
    File size : 991 MiB
    Duration : 43mn 50s
    Overall bit rate : 3 160 Kbps
    Video : 1280x720 - Danica Dillon [HD 720p], - Jada Belle [HD 720p]

    Download video: - Danica Dillon [HD 720p], - Jada Belle [HD 720p]
    Jada was totally the Belle of the Ball, especially when she reached them and gagged. At first she thought she was all that and a bag of dog shit. Telling me how she only does real modeling. Bitch, I don't care if you think your the Queen of Sheba, you're in my kingdom. You will respect and honor the royal meat shaft. Gag you will, hurl you might, and you will get the disrespect slapped out of you. We are basically a reform school for sluts whom were never taught proper manners, or how to respect the cock. In these modern times the road of easy $ is under construction with no budget to fix it. So even whores have to really put that extra effort to make the cash these days. That's how you get a Jada Belle, once high-hoped runway model, now having a train run on her. She fell from high class to having my cock in her ass. She got DP'ed, and a whole lot more. I'm sick of giving everything away in the text... Check it out... Enjoy my friends. Cheers, Red.
    Format : Windows Media
    File size : 1.47 GiB
    Duration : 44mn 20s
    Overall bit rate : 4 739 Kbps
    Video : 1280x720 - Danica Dillon [HD 720p], - Jada Belle [HD 720p]

    Download video:

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