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    High Definition: - Hannah [HD 720p], - Lucia [HD 720p]

    23 августа 2013 - Hannah [HD 720p], - Lucia [HD 720p]
    Japanese trains run like fucking clockwork. To the second. Well, Hannah aint no bullet train. She's late to the interview. Only minutes, but she'll pay for that. During the interview she told me she had a boyfriend and the most exciting sexual experience she'd ever had was having sex outside. Sex outside, well not the most adventurous response I've ever had from a girl, let me tell you. When I told her about earning 3,000 a day her eyes lit up like a cat strapped to a rocket. From that point on this shy (and quite naive) girl was like putty in my hands. There were moments of hesitation where she thought of her boyfriend, but seconds later my balls were tapping her chin like a door knocker. She had an athletic petite body with a pussy that had a limpet like grip on my cock. I pounded into her like waves on a shore and her whole body shook with ecstasy. I fucked her in some of my favorite positions then shot my load all over that pretty Filipino face. Great casting with a hot girl, if I could have got her any work I would have.
    Format : Windows Media
    File size : 1.63 GiB
    Duration : 45mn 23s
    Overall bit rate : 5 145 Kbps
    Video : 1280x720 - Hannah [HD 720p], - Lucia [HD 720p]

    Download video: - Hannah [HD 720p], - Lucia [HD 720p]
    Lucia came to me not quite knowing what the fuck she wanted to do. So like any great racing driver I steered her past all the uncertainty and off to the finish line. Though I must say, even when tempted her with the prize of 3,000 a day she was still unsure! Geez, what has an agent got to promise to get into someones knickers these days, 5,000, 10,000? So I gave her an ultimatum, a simple choice, either get your clothes off or fuck off. Well I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the curvy tight body that was hiding underneath that dress. Great ass and perfectly toned legs. Oh, and the girl has definitely got skills, I was initially fooled by her shyness, but when she got started she nearly sucked my cock right off. What a blowjob! I put her through the paces but I just couldn't tire her out, she's like a machine. Fuck, I nearly forgot to mention orgasm, she can really bring herself off, and nearly made me cum too. Nearly. Anyway press play and see for yourself. Enjoy.
    Format : Windows Media
    File size : 1.85 GiB
    Duration : 49mn 47s
    Overall bit rate : 5 319 Kbps
    Video : 1280x720 - Hannah [HD 720p], - Lucia [HD 720p]

    Download video:

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