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    Сцены: Mommy Got Boobs - Sara Jay

    27 февраля 2009

    Mommy Got Boobs - Sara Jay
    Sara Jay - Farewell Party
    Added: March 06, 2009

    Sara is throwing a farewell party for her son and his friends who are off to college soon. Sara is a hip mom and fits in well with his friends, she jokes around with the girls and flirts with the boys. During the party Sara has her eye on her son’s friend (Scott) and wants to make sure that he is prepared for all the college woman he will meet….college woman are not like high school girls. Her son gets jealous by the way she is flirting with Scott. And wants her to leave the party. She sorrowfully walks to her bedroom to finish her wine. Scott wants to apologize to her, he follow her to the bedroom and surprise her with a vibrator in between her legs. She asks him to get in and show her what he got for them future college women.
    Mommy Got Boobs - Sara Jay

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